The world of floral artistry is a dynamic place and 2016 has been a very inspiring year so far. Here are a few of the freshest floral trends we’ve noticed this year:

Gentlemen who arrange

The Gentlemen’s Flower Arranging Club has the Internet in a veritable froth of excitement, and (get this!), it’s proudly South African! The brainchild of local floral wizard Alwijn Burger, alias BLOMBOY, this wonderful initiative is helping to grow the trend of fresh-cut floral accessories for men. As Alwijn rightly says, in days past statesmen, warriors and poets all wore flowers, and now it’s back – tucked into trousers, wound around wrists and woven into rough-hewn beards.


Floral accessories that go beyond the garland

Speaking of flowers you can wear, one awesome trend that is slowly making its way across the pond is the notion of floral accessories that go beyond the traditional garland. Think necklaces, rings and bracelets woven of unusual foliage like succulents. This is a wonderful idea for us South Africans – we live smack dab in the middle of one of the richest floral kingdoms in the world. Just imagine what we could cook up with all the wonderful fynbos we have!


Fruit & veg make their way into the bouquet

Another wonderfully innovative trend that is doing the rounds this year is the inclusion of fruit and vegetables in areas where flowers and blooms traditionally held sway. Think artichokes and radishes in bridal bouquets, or pomegranates and plums as a jewel-coloured accent along a runner on a harvest table. This trend is also very easy to replicate at home –simply raid your fruit bowl and get creative! Pro tip: Kebab-sticks are very useful if you want to incorporate short-stemmed fruit or veg in a bouquet; simply pop it on the end of the stick and you have a make-shift stem.


Getting your hands dirty!

Do you fancy yourself a bit of a flower-arranging savant? We have great news! The Cape Town Flower Show is taking place at the Castle of Good Hope from 27 – 30 October this year and amateur, semi-professional and professional floral artists will be given the opportunity to show their skill and design flair in the first-ever South African MasterFlorist™ competition. Read more here.

Keep an eye on the Classic Flowers blog for more trends, tips and awesome news in coming months!

The freshest floral trends of 2016
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